MOME Campus Development competition purchase 2016
Őrmező new intermodal transit hub of the subway station architectural competition shared 1. place 2013
”From the train-station to the sport city centre” Bp. XV. District Rákospalota City Centre architectural competition shared 2. place 2012
Kodály Center – Pécs, FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Public Infrastructure/ Amenities Category Runner up 2012
"The urban design conception according to the Istvánmező rehabilitation programme" competition 3. place 2012
Rehabilitation of the main building of the Arts and Crafts Museum competition purchase 2012
Urban- and landscape design competition for 420 apartments social housing complex, Ócsa-Alsópakony architectural competition special purchase 2011
Corvin Atrium FIABCI Prix d’Excellence award (Specialised Project Category) 1. place 2011
Kodály Center– Pécs, Media Architectural Award 2011 Public award 2011
Large surface Watercleaning study design tender of urbanism 1. place 2010
Corvin Promenade - Bloomberg International Property Awards (mixed-function real-estate project category) 1st place 2010
Complex development of the main building and the surroundings of Hungarian National Museum competition purchase 2010
Development of the National Memorial 2009 Székesfehérvár purchase 2009
Moricz Zsigmond Circle, protected monument 'Mushroom' use of the building 1. place 2009
Budapest, XIII. ker. Váci út - Huba Street - Angyalföldi rd. - road bordered by György Dózsa into space, architectural drafting - restricted study design tender 2. place 2009
"Town Hall Forum" Heart of Budapest study design tender purchase 2008
Hotel HIEX first tender 1. place 2008
Róbert Károly Boulevard office building 2. place 2007-2008
Budapest XIII. district Váci út Föveny Street between Clay Street and renewal property for the first tender to develop the concept 1. place 2007
Government of the Republic of Hungary tender 4. place 2007
Corvin Promenade Project property, Corvin Science Park, a restricted tender 2. place 2006
Danube Bay real estate development project, 34 to 38 blocks, restricted design tender purchase 2006
Dunapart property development project, 18 to 19 blocks, a restricted design tender purchase 2006
Budapest Tech Polytechnical Institution - Budapest Architectural Award 2005 award 2005
József Attila Theatre, an open architectural competition 1. place 2005
Prestige Towers 1. place 2003
Duna Bay Project, Invitational Competition 2. place 2003