Company History:


Mérték Architectural Studio Ltd. was founded in 1987 by architects who left the state positions and entered into a partnership.

In more than two decades behind us the company went through several changes and significant progression. Thanks to the constant developments and internal trainings for our employees in the last ten years we are considered amongst the leader companies in Hungary.  The high quality works of our company and our colleagues’ professional activities were rewarded with numerous national and international recognitions. The Hungarian and the international press continuously reports the architectural, researching, developmental works made by our company.

Our office dealt with more than 4000 projects. The number of our colleagues is 68 persons, from which there are 40 who have a degree in architecture studies. We have a 200 person constant sub-planner background, with whom we have many years of proven working relationship.

We work with Hungarian and foreign developers, investors on several national and international (Europe, Asia and Africa) projects.

The Mérték Studio’s main intention is the development of the given area taking into account the local conditions. Our goal is to create buildings exceeding international artistic and architectural standards which are perfectly consistent with our partners’ expectations and financial options. Our Studio has up-to-date information about the principles and methods of modern, environment conscious planning. In the area of environment conscious, sustainable design we are leaders in our country. By our new, innovative planning method (ClimaDesign®) and developments we are acknowledged internationally.  The latest developmental policies known, well-trained designer and co-architect relationships allow us to meet the Hungarian and foreign standards and regulations but above all our partners’ expectations.

During numerous foreign co-operations we worked out long standing methods to increase the efficiency of cooperative work.

From 1998 the company had an ISO-9001:1994 certification (99-VNA-AQ-044), which was converted in March 2002 into an ISO 9001/2000 system.


Company’s areas of operation:


Main areas of operation:

  • architectural and general design
  • urban design
  • engineering activities
  • environment conscious, sustainable design
  • building certification consultation and certification
  • building structural design R&D activities
  • project management, technical review
  • interior design
  • national monument desifn
  • building restoration
  • architectural graphics


Based on the above our company provides full design and management services from selecting the project’s location to handing over the keys, concerning all the phases of preparation, design and execution.

On several fields we achieved to create remarkable buildings. These are mainly residential buildings, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings, bank branch buildings, industrial buildings, sports facilities and public buildings.  Besides the general planning works a group of our colleagues has several decades of experience in the design of major national monuments.


Green building certification:


From 2009 our company has two LEED Accredited Professionals from the 7 in Hungary. Furthermore two of our colleagues became BREEAM International Assessor in 2010. In the last two years we participated in more projects as consultants and made feasibility studies to green building certifications for existing buildings and for urban developments too. We also participate in DGNB certifications.

Available green building certifications in the Mérték Architectural Studio:

  • LEED
  • DGNB

Available personnel and technical resources:

Human resources

  • number of colleagues: 68
  • 5 owners, 40 employees have architectural licenses
  • 4 lead architects
  • Sub-planner works are made by 5-6 architects + their assistants in every area
  • 35 persons speak English, 9 persons speak German, other languages: French, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian, Chinese
  • The number of our constant, certificated subcontractors is more than 50, and the total employee number exceeds 200.


Technical resources

  • Complete computer hardware network, printers, plotters; copier for plans, black and white and color copiers
  • Broadband Internet access
  • AutoCad2007 teamwork; ArchiCad13.0 teamwork, AUTODESK Inventor, VBExpress, Actrix, 3D Studio,VÍZ 3D, ArtLantis Windows (world, excel) program


Market position:

Based on the annual revenue surveys we are in the top five companies in Hungary. Our Studio has extensive Hungarian and developing international relationships.


Budapest, 2016


Tamás Tákos - Managing director

Dr. András Reith - R&D director,  Mérték Group Zrt.

Dr. Gergely Paulinyi DLA - Chairman,  Mérték Group Zrt.

László Fábián - Partner


Mérték Architectural Studio Ltd. is a founding partner of The Hungary Green Building Council

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