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Our company, like the world's leading designer, has been extended beyond the merely adequate building design standards and specifications. Over the past 5 years, we offer the opportunity to our clients to use the helpful latest researches of ClimaDesign in their buildings, and buildings to create appropriate design guidelines. In this way not only compliance with international trends can be achieved, but also working efficiency of rented offices in the property market will be about 20-30% higher. While previous global real estate market means about 0.5 to 1.5 € / m2 rental price rise; the latter can increase the employees profitability significantly in rental property companies.

To complete the benefits of these supplements above - in the case of own real estate - a significant reduction in operating costs. Regarding own property in case managers, typically we are talking about 20 years of real estate cycle on FM about; over this period the investment costs (the reality building) is only 20% of the total input; therefore, operation (energy, maintenance, etc.) falls the remaining 80%. This second, very significant reduction of the cost of the possible solutions we can offer. Based on our current experiences, while the costs of investment options could be offered 5-8% grow by us, for twenty-year projected operating costs could be reduced by at least 20-25%. In other words, while the investment side we are talking about 1-2 percentage point growth, while operating costs 16-20% points reduction. Perhaps the most interesting value of ClimaDesign principles of planning is the significant increase in the value of the property. One of the most recent studies show that 25% increase was observed in a real estate office in case of Inner Buda Office building.

These benefits can, of course, be observed in different scale and type of properties’ realization, from family houses through industrial pole to historic renovations. The achieved results must be individually examined in each case and the best direction for the most appropriate way.

These helpful methods to design of investment, of course, go far beyond the domestic relationships between service qualities. There are several reasons for this. Currently there are no general expectations from Investors and Developers, part of the design standard, which means such a service. In Hungary, since we are not talking about the general expectations, or few are prepared to supply such a service, or an appropriate working relationship, and few have experience with foreign companies providing such benefits. This is currently only important for Investors, who think in the long run, good marketing is important for their companies, is globally active, and need to adapt to the high level of expectations.

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