Gergely Paulinyi, Dr. András Reith

Project leader:
Gabriella Gáspár

Project team:
Gergő Burián, Orsolya Fülöp, András Hornung, Biljana Jovanovic

On June 2008 Mérték Architecture Studio accepted the commission of LATIS-CO Kft. to design a three star hotel under Budapest, IX district Lónyay street 38.  (lot nr.: 36959). The most influential factors were the local building code and the hotel planning standards of HIEX.

The basic concept of the building was given by the atrium design; the planned hotel has a courtyard in the middle and the rooms are looking onto it. The building’s benchmark system and main molding were adjusted to the facade of Lónyay Street and the ledge level of the neighboring buildings as well as in the case of the back courtyard we adjusted it on the northern side of the plot to the most dominant firewall. The building is covered with pushed back terrace roofs on the uppermost rooms, as well as in the backyard building links’ terrace roofs and titanium zinc coated low angle high roof. The building’s level partition is the following: 2 underground floors, ground floor, 7 general floors, and one with the same load-bearing structure as the general floors retracted from the Lónyay street is the 8th floor.

The building’s transport system was developed in accordance to the above mentioned installation. The corridors covering the horizontal transport were pushed to the plot’s two sides so that all the rooms - despite the plot’s unfavorable daylighting capability – could get the most natural light. The vertical transport cores have direct connection with Lónyay street and their layout place was given from the design of the building on the parts were there is no sunlight.

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