Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, Dr. Attila Komjáthy, Dr. András Reith

Project team: Gergő Burián, Kamilla Sidó, Zsombor Lukács

Executives: László Fábián, Tamás Tákos


According to the development plans of the XI. District, the “Mushroom” building at Móricz Zsigmond Square will be established as part of the Cultural City Centre Program. According to the program a cultural main street will introduced along Bartók Béla Street between Móricz and Gellért Square. We consider the “Mushroom” building as the gate of this axis.

We belive that - because the size of the existing building is not suitable for the accomodiation of such institutions - the only way to make more space is to design the expansion below the ground. This concept turned out to be advantageous after examining both urban and architectural standpoints: in such way the building can be easily connected to the local transport system at both the level of the underpasses and the level of the new subway line nr.4. The new building provides entirely new spaces under the ground level without disturbing, thus respecting the protected and landmark-like „Mushroom“. The new spaces are seperated from the above ground life and are trying to attain simplicity in their forms and colours. The aim is to provide platform for as many functions as possible. This simple architectural design communicates with the historical building layout through the similar capsule-like form of the cafeteria, thus integrating new and old.

Móricz Zsigmond Square „Mushroom“ building