Gergely Paulinyi, Dr. András Reith, Dr. Attila Komjáthy

Project team: 
Gergő Burián, Kamilla Sidó, Zsombor Lukács, Gabriella Gáspár

 Albrecht, Dániel Barcza, Béla Varga Ötvös, Piroska Váczi


Our goal is to gain advantage of the peripheral position of the brownfield site, which has many disadvantages: our vision was to create an autonomous neighbourhood, which has a perspective to become self serving both from a social and an energetic point of view. Also, the project should have the potential to become an exemplary environmental development in Central Europe. During the design of the project we call WATERfactory – ECOcity, we had to consider the following issues to hand in a feasible proposal:

  • determination of national monuments to be reused, determination of the buildings’ new function;
  • the zoned distribution of the designed functions  with regards to the requirements of sustainability, economical feasibility, intimacy and isolation;
  • the division of the functional mix (institutional and service functions, monuments, conference centre and eco-functions, education and recreation) according to the 12/24-hour usage patterns to avoid the ghost city effect;
  • the environmental design of individual buildings, defining building footprints, building siting, possibilities of natural ventilation, insolation, air movement;
  • design high quality, vegetated open spaces not only to increase human comfort, but also to provide for the future autonomy of the development;
  • the possible development pattern for rehabilitating the Danube bank near the WATERfactory – ECOcity as a future goal.

We intended to design an exemplary eco-development, which tries to give an innovative answer to the two greatest problem of the 21st century: climate change and excessive use of natural resources. Our proposed design is based on the best management practices and on the approach of up-to-date urban development expertise.

As in Hungary and also in the Eastern-European region there are no similar progressive developments, the WATERfactory – ECOcity has the possibility to become the first urban development project of its kind. The long term success is also supported by the introduced research and development facilities, which provide the high standard, dynamic improvement of the technologies employed and also the ECOcity itself.

The WATERfactory – ECOcity would be the first to implement the most recently developed photo bioreactor technology, which produces bio-fuel with the help of algae’s based on photosynthesis. We introduced this system on the South façades of the office buildings exposed to direct sunlight.

We achieved 1st price with our proposal at the urban design competition.

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