Architects: László Fábián, Péter Bukovszky

Project team: Kata Zih, Tamás Baranya, Zsombor Lukács

Interior design: Orsolya Vass, Kata Zih


Client: S.C. Lotuscenter S.A


The building is situated in Oradea with very good connections to the city center. The already existing shopping center was built in 3 phases and our Studio was asked to design phase 4. The new program was to make an expansion to the commercial area on the side and at the same time create a new façade design that communicates better with the surroundings, has more portals, terrace areas, arcades to invite more people in, and most importantly a design that will emphasize the 2 main entrances of the building. The newly designed functions inside are mainly restaurants, bars, food court area and a conference center, On the façade the original curved design was changed to clean strait lines, we used lot of curtain walls, and the majority of the façade is covered with ceramic tiles. In the interior with the demolition of some pillars and quite a lot of slab area a new 2 story high, open atrium, covered with a glass roof, was created. All new functions are connected to this main atrium. The main concept in the interior design was to create a modern but still elegant atmosphere.

Oradea – Lotus Plaza shopping and entertainment centre