Architects:                    Gergely Paulinyi DLA, Dr. András Reith

Project team:                Orsolya Fülöp, István Vámossy, Gergő Burián, Gabriella Gáspár, Róbert Gulyás, Xavér Heltai, Zsolt Nyírő

LEED Ap’s:                  Adrienn Gelesz, Kata Zih

Visual designer:                        Zsombor Lukács


During our concept we handled the 2 neighbor plot integrated because of the same client and the parallel design process. We considered the task of the office building to find its own place and role along the Váci Road buildings with explicitly unique but not ostentatious way. The volumes of the new office building want to find connections with the urban carpet. It creates the scheme of the building with sensible way to the built area and it provides the necessary lettable square meters as well. At the layout of the building first we draw a schematic building-in-row concept with accordance to the Local Building Rules. During the development of the design we took into consideration the following standpoints:


-          adequacy with the Local Building Rules

-          adequacy with the Urban Development Contract, especially with the areas open to public with and without time-limits

-          properly volume which has connections and reactions to the urban carpet and to the neighbor area

-          isolation of the acoustical pollution of Váci Road

-          reaction of the pedestrian passage which goes across the block next door and marked in the Local Building Rules

-          properly office and parking raster

-          properly proportion of masses and voids and properly lightning depths

-          maximization of the available built-in areas


We designed the facades with the system of multiple visual perception layers. We emphasize the effect of the main building volume with different graphical presence and colours of the pre-constructed façade panels. Besides this micro graphical system we added a plastic, 3d glass structure along the Váci Road and the Süllő Street, which both take part in the presence of the building visualization and in the natural shading of the façade.

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