Architects: Gergely Paulinyi DLA, Dr. András Reith

Project architect: Gergő Burián

Project team: Bálint Botzheim, Zita Csaba, Katalin Kardos, Péter Bukovszky, Adrienn Gelesz, Zsófia Bélafi, Kornél Döme Deme, Tamás Tákos, László Fábián


At the start of the planning on a city scale study we laid down the following callwords, principles:

-           Quality public transportartion is for everyone!

-           Optimum searching building-in and transportation system

-           Ensuring expansion and flexible phasing.

-           Maximum fulfillment of transportation requirements.

-           Creation of a diverse part of the city.

-           Using urban elements

-           Use of terrain.

-           Sustainability.

-           Noise protection.

-           Taking into account the environmental impacts.

The area has the best possibilites among the Budapest intermodal transit hubs.  Besides its unparalleled transportation and infrastructure system, in the nearly 700.000 m2  development area lies the main pontential of this part of town.

At the first phase of the Őrmező development the bus station and the 500 spaces  P+R parking area is designed above the metro hub. At the design of the building we strived for maximal use of the existing terrain. From the Budaörsi road to the Kelenföldi railway tracks the area slopes almost 10 meters. The principle was taking advantage from this high difference by dividing vehicular traffic and the pedestrian and bicycle traffic at a level to the bus station and the P+R parking area.

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