Client: Magyar Építő Zrt and Arcadom Zrt

Developer: Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture

Pemit and tender plans: Építész Stúdió

Architects: László Fábián, István Vámossy, Tamás Baranya, Zalán Reviczky, Róbert Gulyás, Rita Terbe

Plans: Construction plans

The building’s original permit and tender plans were made by Építész Studió. Ferenc Keller, Richárd Hőnich, Benedek Sólyom, Tamás Fialovszky

In the building there is a main hall for 990 visitors, orchestra rehearsal room, ballet room, conference room, section rooms, dressing rooms, storage rooms and associated offices on an approximately total net area of 13.000 m2. The reinforced concrete structural building incorporates not everyday spaces; typical are the oblique, inclined surfaces, planes, asymmetric spaces. Using a computer generated 3D model for the construction plans a better understanding for the constructor was provided.

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