Gergely Paulinyi DLA, Dr. András Reith,

Project architect:
Gergő Burián

Project team:
Péter Bukovszky, Orsolya Fülöp, Adrienn Gelesz, Xavér Heltai, Kata Zih

Visual designer:
Zsombor Lukács, Gábor Böszörményi

Landscape design:
Dániel Barcza DLA, Borbála Fehér


Location in the urban context:

The location of the plot is contradictory because of the urban context. The neighbors of the site is neither grown, neither controlled urban carpet. The type of the urbanism of the site is undecided as well, as the plot is between the residential area and the outer zone, mainly with freestanding housing estates. Because we do not know the type of the future development, after our examinations, we decided to create a concept of a mainly unbroken row building, which tries giving system in a disordered structure.

Architectural design:

We designed the office park in unbroken rows in 3 separated plots and phases, so the wings of the buildings create urban squares and gardens with differentiated functions. A main pedestrian axis connects the squares, the gardens, the biodiversity garden and the functions of the ground floor (lobbies of the offices, retail, catering services) to the main approach.

The office buildings consist of 2 underground level + Ground floor + 6/7 levels, reaching the specification of the Local Building Permit about the parking possibility above ground. At the ground floor there are lobbies of the offices, canteens and cafeterias and lettable areas, which can be formed individually. We took into consideration in the design of the office spaces the 1,35 façade and office module and the reach of the adequate sun lighting hours.

Scandinavian Gardens Offices