Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, Dr. András Reith, Gergő Burián

Project team: Adrienn Gelesz, Xavér Heltai, Zsolt Nyírő

Visual designer: Zsombor Lukács

Landscape design: Dániel Barcza DLA


The aim of the competition was to refurbish and convert the building of the former bread factory into a cultural, scientific and educational centre. We tried to make benefits from the disadvantages and peripheral location of the existing building by creating a socially and energetically self-dependent unit, which could be the exemplary project of the region thanks to its eco-consciousness and cultural commitment.


We based our proposal on determining the unique identities of the functional units and phases of the development. Because of the form of the site and the strong geometrical constraints of the existing building, we lined up the different units and interconnected them with the circulation areas like threading beads on a pearl necklace. Thus, the visitor movement and information stream have major significance in the designed complex, interconnecting the buildings like an artery, also including a main lobby required by the owners. We established a complex system - which represents all aspects of the required program - by supplementing the above mentioned 2 functions – the main functions of the building and the common circulation areas – with an integrated landscape design for the surroundings.


Functional zones (phases):

  • I.A:     Art, conference and gastronomy
  • I.B:      Entrance zone, catering, retail, administration and education
  • II:        Educational science
  • Garden: Square for cultural and creative events, open-air statue park, green area and agricultural usage

Siófok 320° Bread Factory