Architects: István Vámossy, Júlia Csutorka

Interior Design:  Orsolya Vass

Plans:  Permit plans, construction plans

The planning commision was an interior redesign of a currently operating movie theater, retaining its youthful character. Entering from the street the visitor comes to the forefront, from here open the cinema halls, the toilet for the disabled, you can get to the basement toilets as well and a staircase leads to the gallery. The archivault pillars dividing the center of the room show the dividing line between the real cinema area and the street side located coffee shop.

On the whole area of the movie theater mainly simple paint surfaces were used and a splashed rougher plaster effect. The orange, green, grey, black colors run troughout all levels.

On the sidewall of the lobby at the main entrance the surfaces and colors change with alternatining specified bandwidth. The continuation of the gallery‘s built parapet is the mechanical parapet above the cashier. This is where a built advertising panel designed for the current movie listings and movie posters can be found. On the striped sidewall at parapet height are the illuminated poster holders, which are on gypsum board. At the entire wall section behind the counter a built-in shelf furniture was designed for a variety of tools and accessories. The floor cover runs up to the front panel of the cafe counter.


Toldi movie theater